Thank you for taking an interest in joining the Galactic Imperium, we are always looking for pilots to join our growing online community.

Please keep in mind that the safety and security of our community is our #1 priority, as such we will not bend this recruitment process for anyone, asking or hesitating will just send up red flags and you can be guaranteed to not be accepted.

To create a stable environment, our rules and regulations set a standard that ALL our pilots abide by.

To weed out spies, thieves, and just harmful people in general ALL our pilots are required to maintain a non-expiring API key for ALL their EVE Online accounts whether their characters are in our corporation or not. (We have a Q/A at the bottom of the page relating to who can access your API data, we know some people are hesitant about their messages being available, which are only accessible by the CEO and the automated security sweep system)

If you feel these requirements are to your benefit and you'd like to proceed with joining our community, feel free to continue, if you have something to hide or are unable to abide by our rules then we wish you luck on your journey.

Step 1 - Security Screening

Primary Character API Credentials. Visual API Instructions.