We provide an ore-buyback program. Almost constant mining boosts. Orca supported mining fleets.


We provide corp BPOs for those wanting to get into industry, and we're looking to expand our industrial division.


We work near level 1-4 agents, with pilots missioning throughout the day.


We provide fleet tools, low-sec roams, and as of mid May will be starting a ship replacement program.

General Benefits

Friendly, casual environment. TeamSpeak available (only required for PvP fleets). Expanding toolset providing you information about your character both in and out of the corp in a centralized location.


Pilots active since August 12, 2017

Mining Manager

Notepads, sticky notes, Google docs... Nope.

Mining manager is a fully integrated mining tool that is used by everyone during mining operations to track hauls, calculate profits, log payments and generate reports.

ORE Drop-Off

Have ore you want to sell?

Easily sell your ore to Galactic Imperium by dropping your ore off in one of our many containers then track its status through the toolset.

Fleet Manager

Need to know your fleet?

Though in its infancy, our fleet manager helps commanders know their fleet without having to ask everyone.

Market Data

View it all in one place.

View all your sell and buy orders across all your characters in one place.

Industry Jobs

A centralized view of all your jos.

View all your industrial jobs across all your characters in one dashboard.